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Monument 666 Lyrics

Room of unholy grotesque
Gallery of brutal blasphemy
Monument of dying and death
Masterpiece of art inverted crosses/propaganda

Torsos with torn limbs
Toothless smashed mouths
Sucking the wriggling bastard

Fallen nuns disgracing the mark of god
Living corpses of priests
Fucking the decapitated heads

666 lashes of whip
Ripping the disease of light
666 fallen angels
Madly turn on, raping

Horny skinless sluts
Lusty mutilated cunts
Penetrated by torn cocks
Masturbating with rusty knifes

666 succubus
Sodomize the lambs of god
666 ejaculations
Bloody sperm on virgin Mary

Raw fist of Satan
In the ass of Christianity

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