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On The Shores Of Ithaka Lyrics

In our minds eye...
All powerful
Beyond blindness and fear
Confident fused with vanity
Propelled by scorn

Relegated to beg in the streets with despair,
Lagging behind (the horizon)

As we sail from day
Into night's web
Tich with deceit of a tender embrace

And a knife to the heart!

Blurry eyed we strain
Seeing a different reality

Each visions
At odds with the truth
Never again in reach
So obvious to the ones
Less myopic

Each vision
As our minds
Blind to The impending doom
Guided by our misguided way

We plow on
Sight hollowed out
Visions blunted by
Web of deceit

Thick with contempt with most vocal burn blessed
With scorn
Others hope it goes away

Let it happen
Word collide, worlds shatter
Opinions are cheap
Fed by ignorance

And there is the paradox

How do we reach utopia
Our shores of ithaka

If we move in the opposite direction
While trying.

On the shore, of ithaka..

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