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Waiting Lyrics

Remember when,
I look at you with a frown
And then you showed me your crown
To make me smile
I went insane...
For all the courage and tears
And half forgotten how fierce
It felt to fly
And now the road,
That gently bends at our feet
Has given love to the street
We're making it right...

You know i've been waiting,
Way too long, so long,
I've been waiting alone...
For this i've been waiting
Much too long, so long,
And now the waiting is done...

Remember when,
I took your hand full of hope
You showed me how to provoke
More in this world...
I can't explain,
You answered more than a prayer
You put a smile in my ear
A simple thought to attain and now we go,
Our veins are pumping with start
And you have given me heart
We're doing it right...

So you are bringing back
Something that i have lacked
What i've been missing all along
Baby, you know you've got
And i will give you what
I have been holding for so long...

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