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Clapper Lyrics

(feat. Blu)

[police sirens in background]

[Jay Dee]
Uggh, uggh, yea this is for all my street niggas, Feel it
Bounce, survival of the fittest they out here to get us yall
What you gon do, what you gon do?

Clap on, clap off, clap on, clap off
Never take your muthafuckin strap off
Keep the safety on but don't take it off

[Jay Dee]
Where I'm from, niggas be waiting to break you off
They'll see you out in the streets and they peepin you out
Let em catch you slippin and end up with a piece in yo mouth
It ain't over cause they got the keys to your house
Your weed and your car bout to spend your G's at the bar
Fuck that!! I know betta you cant floss round niggas with no cheddar
See these niggas with no cheese they hungry for real
They hunting to kill and will give you somthing to fill up in the field
7 mile and Ryan niggas dyin, tryin to pump gas and got pumped in the Ass
Shittt betta get something to blast back at them some, this happen huhh

Clap on, clap off,
Clap on, Clap off,
Never take your muthafuckin strap off
Keep the safety on but don't take it off

Cant afford to slip, nothin but clips up in my nine
Cause know days and times it ain't to good on the grind
Niggas pockets like ouch, fell off in the drought
Got snot nose nappy headed kids on the couch
Times running out rents due, so what he do?
Grab the twenty two and try to stick it to you
But no not Blu I pack more than a double duece
When you see me roll thru 100 spokes on the coupe
I'm heated not to be cheated fuck around and get yo face deleted
I'm waitin on ah broke nigga hatin' take a toke when I'm blazin
Till your head start achin' ain't no praise to god,
Straight penetratin' funeral in the makin
Keep my eyes on the streets like street lights
Nigga think I'm lyin' try to creap fuck around and get 3 strikes

[Jay Dee]
You outta there, y'all niggas know y'all outta there
Yea come on with the real if y'all niggas fakin the funk
Yall know y'all outta there, come wit it, get live with it

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