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YAll Ain't Ready Lyrics

[Jay Dee]
Jay Dilla, ugh...feel it, hot shit, ugh, aaaaAA
Aaa, Yall niggas ain't ready for this
I consider you slippin if you ain't carrying shit
All my niggas gettin doe (bitch), bitch we gettin it up
At the bar sippin it till we spittin it up
Pimpin it plus it's on when we get in the truck
Cant make a right turn without settin it off (Why)
Sittin on dubs rub the truck
I'm even ruffer than ruff when I'm buckled up (why)
Why get the whip if you gone cover it up
If yo point is 6 is a point oh you suck
Let a three twenty be a three twenty four
Let a real nigga do real things
I'm somthing serious like crips that bust gats
Ignorant with it like bloods that bust back
Cause cats y'all really ain't ready for us
Got bitch niggas actin all petty and such
Mad cause i, do my, do do, do my thing (just do your thang)
If I pullout thing I'm gone shoot my thing
Yall niggas ain't ready for this, is y'all ready? (yea we ready for that)
Do you want it? Is y'all ready? Aight y'all ready!
Do you like it? Yall ready? Do you like it? Yall ready?
I'ma see if y'all ready, right NOW!!!

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