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Featuring Phat Kat Lyrics

(feat. Phat Kat)

[Phat Kat]
Yea, Yea I like this shit
You know over the years
Ive seen Emcee's come and Emcee's go
Nigga's on tour gettin paid doing wack ass shows
With gay ass flows y'all all some hoe's to me
Phat Kat who you thought it was suppose to be?
You got a hot single now your ass 0 for 3
Phony niggas like you don't even come close to me
I'm from...Detroit City where my styles ain't free
Wanna hear some real shit? You gotta pay me
Gift was passed down thru my family tree
My momma, my big brother, my two sisters and me
Ronnie Cash the ill bastard B
Get caught crossin my path end up a Kat-tastrophe
Niggas is mad cause they hoe's is drafting me
Fuck around with P goin down in 3
Seconds flat put your bitch ass right on ur back
Thats what you hoe niggas get for fuckin wit Kat
When my crew roll thru you don't wont no parts of that
Puttin flows to tracks in less than 10 minutes flat
Yea, we puttin flows to tracks in less than 10 minutes flat

[Verse 2]
Ayo, I could give less than a fuck or whoever you claim to be
But Phat Kat on a mission to save The D
You suckers kill me watchin too much TV
That's why most you hoes lookin funny to me
When they say that shit, y'all go patray that shit
You brainwashed cause all day the radio play that shit
You think I care about your gold and platinum plaques nigga?
I tell you to your face that your ass is wack nigga
You know you bit your style from a fuckin wack nigga
A student, so please don't get it diluted
Undisputed D.E.T.R.OIT
Phat Kat that real nigga roll wit that crew S.V
And I, got the key to be a true emcee
You lack the ability, discipline, swiftness, agility
Rhymes like these ah leave you in mental facilities
On the fo'realla B [hooooo]

Ayo, yo turn it down a lil bit
Ayo, let me know if this shit ever happen to you

[skit begins]

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