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Dog Meets Wolf Lyrics

There was a dog
And he could'nt run where he wanted to run
But he wanted bones, and he had bones
And he wanted chains,
He had a golden chain...

There was a man, but he was a dog
There was no reason for he was proud
He wanted a wife : he had a bitch
(It's hard to find love when you are rich...)

One day the dog saw the wolf
He was coming back from the woods
With no money in his pockets
And ribbons for a jacket
Were there any regrets
For the things he can't get ?
- Oh no, said the wolf !
God is on my side
Yes I could cry, but I've got my pride...

"Well you're not forced to be poor, my friend
Your freedom leeds to Misery
- I'm getting back to my forest then to my quest, again
Up to the north, then to the west, down to the south..."

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