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La Femelle Du Requin Lyrics

Richard the third, I the prince Killing King
O my people, sometimes I wonder where you've been
Are you sheep full of fear ? My kingdom's for a whore.
Are you cowards ? Are you cows for the vast slaughterhouse ?

I was still just a child, I fed the spiders with flies
Black widow Lady Anne made me cry an ocean.
Can't you hear the sound of your nightship in trouble ?
Many battles I've won, I've been loving the whore.

1994, at the end of my war
How many ships lost their ways heading to my sun ?

Between ideals and facts, between the thought and the act
Let the man be the man now the sharks eat the sharks.

The more you look at me, the more I look like you, peopl
With those great white, big jaws, infinite appetite...

I saw the crowd coming faster and faster
Delicious as 2 was, they ate me, as a friend.

For those who seek for truth
Some with reason, some with their faith
Like fireflies trapped, by the light
You'll die with pain, some with delight
The light is to blame, the light is to blame...

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