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Hush Lyrics

Hotel room 69
Meeting point until four
My wife kisses her lover
I keep it zen, master
I keep it cool
Just like a fool

Should I spy on... tonight ?
Should I tell her that our love is...
Hush !
I have to face the facts
Force myself to see that...

You don't have to play dead
He's a good shot and you're not
You have to learn to love
Enjoy the way she feels !

But she calls him "baby"
As I bite my nails to the quick
Never heard her cry that way, no !
Love means nothing in these words :
"Yeah ! yeah ! yeah !"
... Oh, master, you had the broadest shoulders
To carry the burden of this world
But I don't feel much stronger
To behave like an ass
Hole !

Tip tap tip tap
I can hear the bed move
I expect her screams
In my sights, the unmade bed,
Gonna fill'em full of lead

Phytagorus was a fool
One and one make 69
I'm a zero without you
But once I was the one

In downtown there is a room
Yeah, I know that she's here
I will cut off my ear

OOOH she screams
Like a porno star...
The she meaows
Like a cat
I can't stand anymore
Hush ! Hush !
Again and again !
It's gonna bring me down...

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