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In This Lyrics

(feat. Murs)

Chorus: scratched x2]
"Uh-ohh!" .. "We in this, to win this"
[Big L:] {"Other MC's ain't got a chance at all"}
"Murs" [Big L:] {"... too advanced for y'all"}

I make music unbelievable, inconceivable
To the average MC, those who don't understand
How savage I be M, U-R-S
But so far from PC, 80 gear car drive
512 MB, rip your audio files to shreds
Off the head, when amped to the point
I want every rapper dead, even in sleep mode
Take 'em down by the low without the McAfee scan
When a pen's in my fingers I mack/Mac with my hands
And the game so tight it gets, disc drives open
Cause my CD's RW, {?} type
More advanced than them MC's you say I'm like
A blue pen to encrypt what I say on mics
All day all night, tryin to break down my guard
But you can't crack the cypher of the underground Gods
Gonna make me {fuck} around and have to pull your sound cards


Now am I too dope for mainstream or not that cool?
I'm not bitter I'm just better than these top-ranked fools
While I'm waitin patiently til it's, my turn to rule
It's "The Low End Theory," everything moves in cycles
The way that Kobe Bryant is just ampin like he's Michael
I'm psycho, like those, East coast {niggaz}
Put West coast slang in they flow to make figures
Pop your collar to that one time, for me homey
Cause you can miss a {nigga} with that phony baloney
But I guess it's one love, hip-hop unified
As long as you respect the overage and we won't hoo-ride
And you can have that one too
Use it as a gimmick to go platinum through
Cause my generation's comin with that brand new
A whole gang of {motherfuckers} who, can't stand you
So, please step aside
Or get yo' {ass} stepped on when we ride


I be on kamikaze missions, hittin tracks head on
For those who dared to disrespect this culture, that I bled on
I'm headstrong, I make rash decisions
While I'm spittin pure salt that'll crash your vision
You got the game on lock, then I smash your prison
I make empires crumble when I clash with rhythm
Your whole group straight fruit with no passion in 'em
Yes cash is venom, and we all been affected
But I made the antidote, when I wrote this record
You shouldn't have to be broke, so that folks respect it
You can still be a joke, with the dopest necklace
Just {shittin} on the talent that, you've been blessed with
Who the {fuck} am I to invoke the message
Haven't been to that level but I hope I'm tested
When I get there I hope I don't, choke and wreck it
So I can go out dope and, most respected


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