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Level Zero Lyrics

featuring Oh No Medaphoar

[Wild Child]

'98 keep it real son 'cause I guess I feel someday that

Wild to the Child will rock at will son

Keep them speakers boomin' body movin' Wild Child has proven

Causin' mad paranoia like them kids Nice 'N' Smooth and

When I flip flop wreck shop we be hip hop

When you see me drop

Always in that shape you callin' tip top

Coolin effect I'm full in droolin over Madlib beats,

Yo, guess who's pullin' plugs on thugs who's greedy,

With their Wheaties, spraying rhymes like graffiti,

Formally known as the CDP Assassins

DJ Romes is in effect and yo his ass is in

Charge of the plastic

Keep it real son, I guess I feel someday that

Wild to the Child will rock at will son

Got to keep it real son 'cause I guess I feel someday that

Wild to the Child rocks at will


Watch ya front and back when M-E-D terror attacks

With that rhyme that's known to bring the Terrordome so freeze back

On the microphone I'm quick to get with you then I'm twisting you back

When you enter my zone, realize where you're at

In full combat, come prepared or ya better beware

'cause over here we bring the real, it's like a style don't care

I'll bust my rhyme into ya area, takin' over your spot

And got it locked for the simple fact the rhyme don't stop

It's worldwide when I'm riding on the crews who step to

CDP Assassins, plus the Lootpack the crew

We got the verbal mentality with them rhymes so ya listen

If you feel I hurt ya feelings, then ya wack so I'm dissin'

All you weak MC's that fakin' there's no justice or peace

My rhymes will get into the middle of ya mind like smokin weed, that leaves

Niggas in the state of only shows us what ya made of

So put ya money down 'cause lyrically I'm out to break ya


Hey yo it's Madlib the bad kid, back from outer space

Still on that pure order MC master race

But what comes after my rhyme styles irregular

Modules predict antecdotes for underground hits

But if you can't catch it today...

It's probably too late, 'cause we about to detonate the 388

Relate the beat conductor, constructor, water loop to add pressure

For every measure, you'll need my anesthesia from catchin' amnesia

You'll end up with a seizure,

>From steppin' not knowing the crate diggas is blowin'

The spot, towin' this lot, empty 'cause I got

CDP Assassins plus the Pack, perfect combination

Free improvisation, while I leave the next healthy wack MC

Sick as a doctor's emergency patient

[Oh No]

Yo I'll be chillin', realize Oh be straight known to be that villain

Ya that tall nigga to get up in that ass like pennecilin

Bust the skills I kick the savage verbal lines that blind your crew

Line 'em up and watch 'em fall, I be jukin' 'cause you all can't ball

Relavent impossible mission, lot of y'all dissin'

Elements unstoppable dishin', lot of y'all kissin'

My ass, you know the flavor when I step upon the scene

Yo I'll leave your birds in rage like menstruation

Seein' nothin' but blood when I step out the station

Got your vocal fluctuating worldwide

Be DVD set locate when I demonstrate up in a battle

You end up in a suicide line, I'm beyond your mind

You gotta recline and chill 'cause I been past that bottom line

Got Lootpack and the Assassins on the side

Classic upon plastic when I break emcees down just like vlastic

'cause they speak the real but when the real comes, they still dumb

Actin' like they know the half so verbally you gots ta jack 'em

(What's your name?), Oh No, my niggas know the rebel hero

When I come through wild to that level zero...

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