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City of Boom Lyrics

(Verse 1: Loe Louis)
I'm on my J Dilla Dawg
He gave me a call told me to get it charred
Told me to give the real D niggas a ball
Put down for the cause, we not getting bars
Must be the big Proof in me
It took Mrs. Yancey to rebirth the city
Young head, call me OG Loe
Fuck with me
Been doing this since 29 two for 50's
Play me on the dill I'll slice ya kidneys
Like white boys in the hood, nice and risky
Flow cut tho
Baby I'm a D boy, rolling of assembly lines made in Detroit
This is big black dick style
We a show you how a D nigga get down (uh uh)
Wasn't me tipping my brains, ripping up tracks that was made by James

(Verse 2: Beej)
We a flow beyond the border patrol, can't hear the ho
Before the rhythm kitchen my vision was living ripping
We make the hip hop shop stop with whack niggas
Word play straight from Dilla, now it's time for bigger figures
Big fella, liberty statue, the torch has passed
So take that bullshit about a ???
We sport Adidas force one's with the top gun
The pop gun, mama says you a hot one
Riggidy rocking I'm busting up here in the D
??? More power than super the eight
Now you're hungover twice, trying to figure how to escape
Trapped in my city dun diddy the piddy the fake
Evidently you're sleepy (punk bitch stay awake)
I get on stage, bust a rap with the city on my back and the great lakes (to the whole wide world)

(Verse 3: Beej/Loe Louis)
We general of your motors, promoters and live shows
If your doe ain't right we won't flow on the mic
We done spent too many years getting pennies for hype
So we taking back the shit they done took from our lives
Since the '67 riots our violence has been the highest
We're forming a new alliance, compliance by the defiance
We ain't some house niggas, wearing house slippers
And never fucking relying on what them Lions is trying
I put on for the city, I put on for the city
And rep this bitch till there ain't nothing left in me
Rise for the Rebirth the D resurrection
Recruit real niggas, record real records
Bless these tracks that we was left with
A hundred niggas rapping over Dilla, destined
To make it in the game and be the next contestant
No sleep to the whole city eat, we eat breakfast

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