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Escape Lyrics

You've robbed the shoes, that she loved the best
You have one dress, still it smells her hair
When a woman is gone and her man is mad from her
How can he keep safe from those keepsakes she left him ?
You look funny, now you look so old
Sometimes it's hard to hard on for love
"How many times ? How many men but me ?"
You know true love
This happy ending makes me want to cry...

She used to ride her racing horse
Among the flat field of her foolish pain
But her lover was sad as a November rain
She decided to divorce
Before she built fairy castles in Spain.

"Sometimes to feel I'm no more a man
I hope my doctor, he will understand
I am an apeman, baby you've swallowed my sail
Your chinese puzzles made of a me a perfect mongol

I knew nothing about your geography baby
About your perma frost into your Siberia of Sorrow
I've heard you'd melt like an ice cube
Sorry, I thought you were frigid for good

O Lena, don't you run from me ?
Take me back to yor Baïkal sea
My heart was lost in your travelling bag
I cannot, I cannot, I cannot breath,
Can't you send it back to me ?"

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