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Feral Buddleia Lyrics

Some place in the North Pole beyond my Siberian town
Here starts the Taïga
Here so long are the tempests of snow
Hear the wolf, he does howl as the wind, it does blow
Nature takes its time - it takes time to revenge
Against man - kind... - when it's not kind at all...

Sometimes all the wolves, all the forces have to meet in the wood
After they've caught sometimes a man, sometimes a dog
To judge'em in front of their count
I've heard the wolf was the lawyer, the bear the prosecutor
Who claimed : Dog, you've betrayed ! On this rope, you will sway, like your master, too : your funeral is my trial !
You'll pay for your sins, grinned the fox, let's make a leather of your skin

Will you stop breaking my balls, cried the fox, I'm gonna turn your dick into a hole
Man, the wheat it won't grow, you'll just reep what you sow
So the water, she'll say : no, I will never ever flow
Have these three headed salmons for your swollen appetite !

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