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Hamlet Song Lyrics

My name is Hamlet. Here's the point I forget. I take pills everytime to get out of (myself) my cell. What can I say, what can I do ?... If only my feelings were true !

My whole life was but a conscious life. I've been changing my name into several different names. I've become Ophelia to be loved by Hamlet.

What doctor says, what doctor do ? If only my feelings were true... were true like her pain. But crazy goes Hamlet. So crazy goes Hamlet. His body is restless.

Hamlet was dead when he reached for the Gates. He deserves what he gets for being a white man. He wished he could have danced like a black boy into transe : Ah if only I had the chance to dance to the rain... but crazy went Hamlet.

In a bar with no girls, in the asshole of town, you can find a girl called Hamlet. There's a girl called Boy. In the backroom of her dreams, the prince turns into Queen.

Oh babe, what have you done ? Why did you operate... to turn into a transexual for the transmigration of your soul... ?

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