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See That Boy Fly Lyrics

(Illa J)
Yeah, Yancey Boys
Nigga "Jay Stay Paid," geyeah
Yeah y'all niggaz know
Check it, yo, uh, uh - whattup?

It's Yancey Boys in this bitch, yeah I'm holdin' my dick
Controllin my shit, uh, I'm raw dude
So you should know what I spit
Real, ill, watch us do what I feel
Cold, blow, give you the chills
"Jay Stay Paid" so give me the bills
Uh, yeah, so we can pay that car note
And if you on some bullshit, yo get a deep throat
So you can choke on this, Detroit chronic
You can get high but it won't be dope as this
Illa J vocals, no vocoder
Beats still bangin' and it's twelve years older than yo' shit
My girl look younger and she older than yo' chick
I was gon' sang, Dilla told me to go spit~!
On the Illa J cake boy shit, now let's go

(Chorus: repeat 2X)
We posted, we gettin' high
Now we floatin, we in the sky
Sky, nigga we 'sposed to fly
Fly, nigga we 'sposed to fly

(Cue D)
Yeah, uh, hey
It's Yancey Boys, we back on that ass nigga
You know what to do, be quick with the cash nigga
No phony shit 'cause I'm quick with the blast nigga
Midwest Smith and Wessun you asked, didja?
Niggaz actin' like they don't know, shit
It's cake boys and we gets that dough
You ain't gon' floss it, then what'cha get that fo'?
'Cause we them bosses, we make you hit that flow
And if you know like I know then pay Jay nigga
Nigga, then pay Jay nigga
Nigga, then pay Jay nigga

Nigga, we 'bout to break the rules {*2X*}
We 'bout to fly, so say goodbye
We gonna reach the sky
We 'bout to fly, high

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